Sunblock Keeps Your Skin Looking Young!

A research study that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that sunblock can help keep your skin looking young as you age. The research was conducted in Australia and utilized 900 Caucasian people with light skin. They were split into two groups with one using SPF 15 sunblock and the other going without. Over 4 years later the sunblock group had their skin measured by micro topography and their skin showed 24% less signs of aging than the group without sunblock.

A young person's skin is more firm and smooth than an older person's because it contains much more structural proteins such as elastin and collagen. As we age the ultra violet A radiation from the sun that our skin is exposed to damages these proteins. At the same time ultra violet B radiation creates sunburn and redness that leads to wrinkles. UV exposure in general causes about 90% of the visible signs of aging. In addition older skin is much slower at producing new cells to replace those that are damaged so the skin becomes thinner, wrinkled and dry looking. Other factors that damage the skin include smoking, stress, junk food and pollution.

To protect your skin from sun damage the best type of sunblock is one that uses zinc and/or titanium dioxide. The particles reflect or block the rays of the sun so they don't reach your skin similar to clothing and they do not break down like chemical sunscreens. Also avoid sunblock that contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fats such as safflower oil or soybean oil. Those lipids oxidize when exposed to the sun which may also damage your skin.

Another important protection from the sun's UV is to wear a large hat to shield your face and cover up with as much clothing as you are comfortable with such as a long sleeved shirt. When you go swimming wear a tee shirt if you can to protect your upper body. As most people know those who live in the desert often wear clothing from head to toe to protect their skin.

Isagenix offers Isa SunGuard to help your face and skin stay young looking. It utilizes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which block the sun's damaging UVB and UVA rays without potentially harmful chemicals. Isa SunGuard has been tested by dermatologist's and shown to be safe and effective. Other natural ingredients include aloe vera gel, green tea, chamomile extract and pro vitamin B5. Now you can moisturize and protect your skin to help preserve it's youthful look.

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