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Recession-Proof Your Income! Can You Afford Not To?

Business and economic news gets more frightening every day! Jobless claims are up... Businesses are shutting down... Foreclosures are rampant... You cannot predict the stock market. Even during financial booms, disaster lurks: stocks are overvalued, inflation and recession are on the way. But, you don't have to be a captive to the economy anymore. There is a system that will allow you to insulate yourself from financial influences you can't control. But, if such a system exists, why doesn't everyone do it? The reason... the Job Myth.

Job Myth #1: A Stable Job is Important

A job does not guarantee financial security. If a job is the only means you have of taking care of yourself and your family, then you are more vulnerable than you think. Create a full- or part-time business to ensure financial stability. Ideally, this opportunity should have a flexible schedule, so you can work during convenient times.

Truth: You can build a business that fits within your schedule.

Job Myth #2 - Starting a Business is Expensive

A new business is expensive-if you require a brick and mortar building and inventory. If you start a business that you can run from your home and that requires no overhead, the startup costs are small. And, if you can avoid stocking inventory you'll save even more.

Truth: Starting a business doesn't have to be expensive.

Job Myth #3 - People don't buy during bad economic times

Sure, people cut back on the luxuries, but they have to buy food and other necessities. An ideal business would allow you to sell necessities and promote health-which is something people need, especially during tough times when stress is high and health costs skyrocket.

Truth: A successful business provides something people need, like health products.

Job Myth #4 - It's impossible for a new business to survive a recession

Successful entrepreneur and Inc. columnist, Norm Brodsky says that a recession presents unique opportunities for new business owners. "First, you don't have a big staff or fancy offices that you have to cover every month... A startup is also keenly focused on sales and marketing. Your only job is to tell the world what you have to offer."

Truth: A business with a strong sales and marketing focus will thrive in any economy.

The time for Isagenix® is now!

Isagenix offers you your best chance to succeed in business with a proven system that has:

  • Low startup costs and overhead
  • Little to no inventory
  • Flexible work hours
  • Healthy products people need
  • Intense focus on sales and marketing

People just like you are creating a full- or part-time income with the support of experienced leadership who are completely invested in your success. At a time when other companies are recording record losses, Isagenix® experienced record growth of nearly 30% in 2008. It's because our system and our products offer true success. Now, we need your story...

Isagenix® is freeing people from physical and financial pain!

Our company does not have television, magazine or radio ads to talk about our products. We need you. We'd like you to add your story to the scores of success stories we've received by experiencing the life-changing power of Isagenix products for yourself. Then, share your amazing results with others. As you share Isagenix with others, you'll be rewarded by one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. Join us and see for yourself what true financial freedom is!

"After investing millions just to get a restaurant franchise off the ground, I was amazed by the success I achieved with a mere $49 enrollment fee with Isagenix. Now I am a millionaire!"* - Lenny E., Isagenix® Independent Associate

" The worse the recession gets...the better our industry gets. It's compassionate capitalism because you can only earn a living helping other people get what they want." - Drew B., Isagenix® Independent Associate

" The way this company is set up is for people to succeed. It's for people to succeed in their health and their wealth. Who doesn't want that?" - Journey H., Isagenix® Independent Associate

"During a recession or bad times, network marketing is insulated. I created my own economy. During January 2006 to February 2007, I added $700,000 to my income.* My economy is doing fine." - Jimmy Smith, Isagenix® Associate