Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex

Helps digest even difficult to break down and absorb foods

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Multi-Enzyme Complex - 30 capsules

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Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex:

  • Digests Carbohydrats, Fats and Proteins
  • Improves digestion for long lasting energy
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Provides greater overall health
  • Optimizes absorption of amino acids
  • Helps build quality muscle faster
  • Derived from natural, vegetarian sources.

Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex Overview

The Multi-Enzyme Complex from Isagenix is an advanced enzyme formula that helps your body break down and absorb hard to digest foods such as plants, fibers, sugars, milk sugars, proteins, and fats. I don't know if any of you have ever had this problem when you've gone to bed after eating a meal late at night. But sometimes it doesn't sit well; it kind of just stays with you for hours and hours and hours. This is a very good reason to be taking the enzyme complex. This enzyme complex includes ionic alfalfa which accelerates the delivery of seventy organic minerals, greatly enhancing the overall health benefits. Increase your absorption of nutrients for improved health, improved digestion, increases the benefits of nutritional cleansing and restores healthy enzyme balance.

Multi-Enzyme Complex Ingredients - Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 capsule, Servings per Container: 30

Multi-Enzyme Complex 185mg - Protogenix, Carbogenix, Legugenix, Lipagenix (lipase), Lactagenix (lactase), Cellugenix (phytase), amyloglucosidase, Ionic Alfalfa

Other ingredients: Maltodextrin, vegetable capsule, magnesium stearate.

Directions: Take at least one capsule daily, ideally 30 - 60 minutes before to your largest meal.