Do you overeat at night?

What you eat for breakfast has a lot to do with how hungry you get in the evening and before bed. Research done at the University of Missouri in Columbia found that eating a high protein breakfast resulted in less cravings late in the day. They also found the reverse to be true. Those who ate no breakfast or a low protein breakfast were more hungry later in the day.

Besides eating high protein foods for breakfast here are some additional steps you can take to decrease your cravings during the evening and night:

1. Eat some monosaturated fat with breakfast such as olive oil, avocado or almonds. These foods take longer to digest and help you feel full and satisfied for a longer time.

2. Have breakfast as soon as you can after getting up in the morning. The longer you wait the more hungry you will be.

3. Have some high fiber foods for breakfast. If you eat cereal buy those made with whole grains. Same thing with whole grain bread or bagels rather than white refined. Fresh raw fruit is another good source of fiber. Avoid donuts, pastries and other high sugar low fiber foods.

4. A good way to obtain your morning protein is a high protein shake. Those are fast and easy to prepare and are best if they contain other nutrients and a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

The published study was done with 20 obese young women who were split into three groups. One group had a high protein breakfast with eggs and low fat meat, one group had a low protein breakfast of cereal and one group had no breakfast. Those who ate breakfast experienced more fullness and satiety with the high protein group doing the best and reporting the least snacking on high fat foods during the evening. The scientists also measured ghrelin and peptide YY in the study participants which are associated with increased appetite when they are higher. They found the lowest levels of those hormones in the high protein breakfast group and the highest levels in the no breakfast group.

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