Your Body Clock and Weight Loss

Your 'body clock' is an important biological rhythm that has implications that can effect your weight and your health. It is controlled by the hypothalamus in your brain which synchronizes the timing of millions of biological cadences in all your cells. When it is out of sync it can cause many symptoms and problems. It's timing is effected primarily by the sleep-wake cycle every 24 hours. Our ancestors were outdoors most of the time and the rising and setting of the sun tended to keep everything in sych. Today we live under artificial lights and are exposed to other stimulus from television, computers, etc. that interupt the cycle.

Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces while you sleep in the dark. It can be interrupted either by lack of sleep or by exposure to light while sleeping. Research has shown that after only one week of lack of sleep the activity of 700 genes can be altered effecting metabolism, stress, immune system, etc. That can lead to changes in appetite that effect eating habits so that people gain more weight. It also have been can lead to increased cardiovascular risk.

What can you do to keep your body clock in sync with the 24 hour cycle each day?

1. Go to bed and get up at the same time

2. Exercise regularly

3. Take melatonin before you go to bed each night. This is especially important for people over 35 since less melatonin is produced as you age. Isagenix offers a special supplement Sleep Support and Renewal that contains melatonin and other helpful ingredients.

4. Do not eat anything for 3 hours or more before going to bed.

5. If you tend to stay up late at night go to bed earlier. If you find that hard you are probably eating dinner too late or snacking after dinner.

6. Keep your bedroom dark while sleeping.

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